Thursday, January 12, 2006

rmA city sunk in vice.

This town is full of human beings.
I go to where and look at where,
and there is only a crowd.
Equalized personalityand a unified claim crush me.
The sound that I begin to turn down is same as.
A complaint to express is same as.Both a thought
and an impression are same as.
I disappear in this crowd that the tamed human beings
and creatureswhich became dim of a face eat a nest inside.
I look, but allwhich are good more are same as.
It is all and the inside of loneliness to together.
I pay money to follow my complete privacy though I am so lonely
and cannot but buy cut space. It is a strange town.
It is an unpleasant town. It is dirty and is mixed-up,
and but all are the same states. I think,
and how many years more will pass such a town,
when I leave sometime?
Such oneself dislikes it most and puts a crime on this town.
Even if I die,
Lactuca stolonifera seems to be still considered to be it.
As for me, I am afraid of all and it is terrible
and I am frightened and live by shrinking.
I cast the body in such a crowd today
and work to rent a private room monthly.
I will be the human being who is so lonely wretched what.
I look for value to live desperately.
I look for all and evidence ing together and,
with all, walk.


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