Thursday, March 16, 2006

I am invisible.

A sound of a thaw is a mutter of spring.
One drop of drop creates a flow of a big river.
Scenery changing according to a flow of time is mischief of slight time.

But why will be it that I feel gentleness in cold winter?
Why will be it that I feel warmth to freezing trees?
There was already the hometown in the very front if I closed my eyes.

Flowering of hepatica tells the arrival of spring.
A piece of petal lets flowers of every spring wake.
The scenery which changes a color whenever I go down is a fraud of few time.

But will it be a seedling that feel gentleness in cold snow?
Why will be it that I watch a feature of mother in a surface of a river where ice is made?

Mother was there soon if she opened eyes.

I did not notice it.
I did not mind it.
Mother always hugged me kindly.

But I am invisible.


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