Monday, March 06, 2006

Now still now.

I found you who waited for a signal while laughing in the other side of an afternoon, pride that it was fine-like road.

I will not know the yolk which I laugh at while talking with a lover.

Passing an old lover soon.

I can say to you now.

When I surely loved you.

But when as time passed, this thought to long for cooled off and already has completely cooled down now.

A signal of a crossing full of people changed.

You do not notice me and are crazy about it to stare at the present lover.

I heard a moment, the old days when you passed me and your bright laughter that were not replaced.

A crowd drifts by a brisk walk.
It seems to be the time that it spent with you.

Both time and a person mix and pass each other and I never come back and cannot return it.

I wanted to be proud, and a voice walked in silence without it being run, and I left for you who were wonderful.

Your laughter sticks to my back and wants to take a shower early today.

Though I was proud of you in old days, other somebody is proud of you now.

I realized it so heartily.
I have been already separated from you; when have parted.
And to never visit you in the time when we talk.

I can say to you now.
When it is only a memory, and, as for the days when I loved intensely so as to flare up, there is no value now anymore now.

I feel relieved.
I am refreshed.

However, what will this loss that there was on a chest be?

It is scooped out and is accompanied with the pain that is a state and a spring breeze is cold and blows through this hole.

Will this be a thing of regret?
Will I regret it?

Having parted with you.
Having been conceited when I could get along alone.
Having been going to stop you who left.

If when lent it, hugged you at that time, and apologized; the possibility that next, I may have been still of today.

When your bright laughter that is good for the afternoon when it was fine remains to me with a pride, I cannot become it.

I will take a cold shower early.
I will lower temperature to temperature same as the heart that became cold.
And I realized it.

That I spend it with you even if I take a shower, and your smile can never wash away your temperature in time.

I want to cry aloud.
When being similar can love other nobody anymore so as to have loved you.

When I am sorry.
When I made a mistake.
But all led to happiness for you.

Therefore not remembering you not it praying for your happiness to cut by I now. Forget you.

Make so an effort at least.

The today's trifling event changed current me greatly.
Let's already stop bluff.

I will accept a defeat.
It is my complete defeat.

Nothing in the world can be opposed to your charm.

I will be proud that I parted with you who are so wonderful from oneself not regret.

This is the small case that happened in a corner of a big city.
But it was a shock bigger than a global war to me.

I watch today's you, and I change from today.
I change all regret of the life into a pride and live.
It is small jealousy to you and revenge and a blessing.


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