Thursday, March 02, 2006


It seems to a girl that I apply a thin coat of lipstick and look in a mirror me who came back.

A feeling to be in love is a color same as the sky of dusk.
Light madder red mixed with thin crimson and ran to the horizon and faded away in darkness fleetingly.

A woman takes a trip to space-time by loving somebody and becomes beautiful.
Both age and distance love somebody irrelatively.

Though it is ugly and is unsightly and is poor, hold it for a thing of the dirtiness and polish a woman.

Even if I die, and warmth and strength of your arm are baked, I will not disappear.

I want to taste love to be absorbed in without regard for appearances once again.
There must be a partner with you.
In the time when it loved somebody such intensely, it is supreme bliss and fire and brimstone of last heaven at first.

There is not an object of love and hatred to confront for readiness to abandon all other than you.
It was a heavy load for you that you requested by a quantity and time same as my loving you to love me.

I demanded you without noticing it.
Therefore I have been separated from you.

As for the time, I pass morning for a long time at night when I think about you and shorten noon, and the night having a long it again visits it.

Will a heart be transmitted through me to you?
At the so long night, I become a bad woman.
I wish that the happiness that you keep desperately should fail.
Your unforgettable temperature, breathing, a finger-tip, memory of a kiss still torture me still more.

I give wicked prayer to God.
I demand a sacred spell from the devil.

Only as for what become clear alone though I understand nothing whether I hate whether I bear a grudge against whether I love you still loving it.

It is not a past form by any means, and, in present continuous, I love you.

I wait for you.
I pray for your misfortune.

I say grace heartily you decline in misfortune of the bottom, and to return to my cause.

A woman becomes an ogre when in love.
I become a poor, ugly ogre beautifully.
I become an ogre having a downright lip.


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