Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So long.

Our relations are already ends.
You look very small.
I wanted to hug you unintentionally.

I told that we were free before.
We did not think at that time to part for such a wind today.


White winter visits a town soon.

It is only you that I loved.
Not your appearance, I loved your heart.

You liked walking the cold way where nobody was because I was embarrassed.
Because we are not shy and join by a hand and can snuggle up.

I loved such you heartily.
I will remember the proof that I loved you forever today though I must say good-bye.
White snow fell when I looked at the outside incidentally.

Though we snuggle up on such a day and should warm it, there is not you anymore.
To you who loved it heartily, good-bye.


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