Tuesday, February 21, 2006

rEver lasting.

What kind of thing did you experience today?

You should be comfortable tomorrow.

The sky watching will surely open tomorrow now even if anything rises or even if nothing happens.

I am mysterious.

From the moment when I met you, just one second can feel very valuable.

Surely this thought will continue all the time tomorrow the day after tomorrow as well as the sky.

When you are depressed when you rise and are full of joy to grieve, you are next to me.

Even if I make it, and expectation and uneasiness are mixed and will crush me, your smile deletes all.

I want to appeal for a commonplace aloud when I may have been able to meet you.

I want to call your name among crowds of a town aloud.
I am proud and want to tell that there are me and you together all over the world.

This thought does not change forever.

This feeling is not over eternally.

This love runs through the whole world forever.

Even if I die even if you die, we are rebeared again and meet you by all means and love.

Though it is different, bigger love wraps us in God whom I and you give prayer to.


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