Tuesday, March 14, 2006

rA wild wind.

Wind blows.
A swing of the park where nobody is shakes, and a seesaw goes up and down.
A ghost was fierce, and I did not enter a park and appeared in the town which did well.

I walk around downtown and look for a simple, frivolous love story.
We lived well in that way to injure nobody so that it was injured from nobody.
Till I meet you.

I swallowed embarrassment in plain words and submitted to the pain that you gave.
Parting, I strongly hugged your thin body so that you complained of pain.
I hug this time in a circle, and do not let go.

The love that began carelessly was accompanied with a pain so as to deepen and became an only treasure before long in the world.

If you laugh, I laugh.

I was able to feel such a daily life very valuable.
An instant was important for an instant and was dear.
However, there is you next to somebody who is not me now.

Will you dream of me so that I dream of you?
Though I talk about nothing if I meet reality and cannot but pass each other.
Do not forget it; determine it.

Like wind to blow, you disappeared.

Pass through my hand which is numb for cold of March in a little less than spring.
A season disheveled by wind was over nothing again, and the season when anyone prepared for parting came over.

Would you who were sharp warm like north wind a little?
Only the warmth that we shook is held in a palm holding nothing in now.


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