Friday, March 10, 2006

I love you.

I love you.
There has only to be you in this arm now.

Therefore I do not want to listen to a sad song.
I love you.

I escape from the world and escape and, in this room where at last we arrived at, hear only your breathing of a sleeping person.

I ask it whether you love oneself in pessimistic nature many times.

Surely only these forced it to negligence, and a room and furniture worried you.

You shook like a kitten thrown away.
At last you always held uneasiness without being concerned with having found a domiciliation place only for you and me.

In a creaking small bed, I hug you.

Till the breathing that you seem to be worried about turns into the peaceful breathing of a sleeping person.

You pretend to have slept.
I understand it.

We are considerate of each other and continue the feint which lay down.

And when it was past midnight, all two of them are exhausted and I shut eyes and take a true sleep.

I will shut an ear.
Do not hear a sad song.
I love it.
Now in the truth.

Though I do not know a point from now, I really love you now.
I already have already regarded a deception as an excuse when なのに, you disappeared.

When because it is a season of the departure, a parting season, a season of a new encounter in spring, it is a natural thing that we leave.

Self-centered I think about such a thing while I am wrapped up in one piece of blanket, and looking at your sleeping face.

You whom I am young, and is pure stare now and I believe that this situation will continue all the time tomorrow and sleep.

Your sleeping face is too childish; and I of a fraud feel.
I will sleep at such night.

If morning comes, I think about nothing, and you will sleep though there may not be my neighbor.

I close a window and do not hear the sad song which downtown is filled with and.


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