Thursday, March 23, 2006

Do it without permission.

I toss about in a place by the wall and feel your sign over a back.
After all you leave my room.

You make an excuse saying that it was not only a bad thing to yourself and scrape up a memory to be scattered in all over the room.

And I packed a small bag with all of them.

Our memory has been settled surprisingly small.

You find your happiness and should become happy if you do not remember me after leaving.

I return to my cause anytime, and come if I found regrets to me in your heart.

Let me dress in cool at least at parting.

While I pretend to have slept, I want you please to leave.

I hold the bottle which bourbon was in in an arm, and I stand by a window at a night.

Then I see that you walk with doubtful steps.

It dried up to call out to with good-bye; because feel, bye-bye is cold, and I will send you out.

I joked and did not annoy you.
I was embarrassed for words of love.

Because the room where you are not became too desolate, I sound music by a loud crash at night, and I will joke until morning.

It is a one man show without a spectator.

I live in a one man show successively all the time from now on.

Because there is not you.


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