Monday, March 20, 2006


Do you hear the voice that I invite you to?
Do you hear it now?

Time passed in no time after we met you, and Mami can come to have watched nothing now.

Scenery of this town changed, too.
All changed, and both you and I have changed.
However, there is still us together.

Something joins my heart together with you.
I always mind each other in the evidence.
It seems to be drawn out to a totally strong magnet.
Because we freeze together if I notice, and laugh innocently.

If there is it with you strangely; any kind of; an unpleasant thing can think small.

If you are in this place, I come back by all means.
I accept you.
You accept me by all means, too.
A pure feeling causes us.

We always hear a voice to cause each other.
Even if it becomes rare for only anything to remember it without distance with you is separated from me, and each other's faces showing it, I need you, and the reason that never forgets each other is for you to need me.

But it is only it.

Besides, any reason is unnecessary.

When there is it with you, I can be sent back to me who am true.
Work so as you.

It is the time when it is bright it understands it fast than I use words, and to toss it then.

In the time when I am very bright and am happy, it will be repeated till now from now on in that time.

A promise is needless among us.
But it is enough only that each other lives.

With that alone I can live.
Till death do us part.

However, we will surely feel each other even if death visits whichever of us.

By the heart that passed the five senses.
I can haer your calling.


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