Sunday, March 26, 2006

Flowing of time.

You were completely tired and cried if you hated even living.

I play a song of a memory on one hand with a broken piano.

A sound of breath sounded for you than a sound of a piano greatly.

Both the body and a heart entrust it in passing time, and woman and man fall into hell while drifting in the world.

It is felt that it is happy if same as you.

You comply with me; say, and amuse itself, and warm a cool body.
Though I can get over if it is the wound that stuck to a body, a serious wound of a heart cannot readily heal it.

I stared at the ring which cut into the left third finger and you remembered old days and appeared and cried.

I entrust mind and body in time to pass, and we continue drifting by the world.

If I mind nobody's eyes, and we were able to love, scenery opening outside a window tries to change and will be seen.

We can love for a heart so much simply because we cannot love magnificently.

We may have divorced if we came so.

This thought that I can say nobody is a secret only for two us.
Therefore I can love so much.

I make an excuse desperately.

You do not stop tears stubbornly.

I cannot start an answer to present me whether I am unhappy whether this situation is happy.

It merely letting you cry to be reliable.

And there be it れを happiness and oneself who think.

It will be what and self-centered love.

I do not make a mistake in a partner if we become it, and how do we get possible to love well in when?

This love that I cannot promise to God fades with progress of time and will lose.

However, I never forget it.
Having loved you.

This passion that I betrayed an ethic, and loved you.

I am proud and live till I turn into regret sometime.

Only a flow of time knows our future.


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