Friday, March 31, 2006

The fate.

The rain cloud which brought a squall passed over a head, and new sunlight has begun to fall.

Light of a day reflects in summer clothes and is very dazzling.
The brightness seems to show our ahead.

The thing which nothing turns into has neither row of houses along a city street fruit nor a road sign nor a dream to have.

A human heart is easy to change all the more.

You and I hurt the friendship and love badly by mistake and encouraged each other and reached today's separation.

I trail a stained body and heart, and we leave for separate places today.

Though I do not understand whether overflowing tears are patheticalness or delight, I shine almost as same as sunlight beautifully.

The extremely beautiful clear blue sky which each all is separate in the place wishing that we want to arrive most all over the world and pictures in a heart is the place that there is.

I often leaned on wire netting of a parking lot and had a long talk with you.

I hummed a popular song many times and disobeyed adults.

Whenever I froze together in that way till the morning glow visited it, and morning came, we resembled it, and it was it to an adult.

In the other side of the downright morning glow, do different world and oneself who grew up wait?

I hold such an expectation in a chest, and we leave for separate places now.

It was self-assertion to treat oneself in a disorderly manner.
And it was one step to an adult.

We loved oneself after all.

I think that it can be it to the strong human being whom I rely nobody, and can live if I get possible to love oneself from the bottom of heart in acknowledgment of the fact a little.

I am enough just to have noticed it to be proud of oneself.

I will walk against the light that oneself believes straight severely flexibly from now on.

The night when I am the saddest in the world will be the night when oneself lost sight of a pleasant partner.

I remember the night well.

Nobody was believed, and I got rid of oneself and had a feeling that I was got rid from anyone, and I was alone, and morning cried by car.

Refuse you whom there is near.
All our futures seem to be uneven apples.

It is pushed the brand that all is out of a standard and resists a standard named the world.

But the resistance is flip of the feeling that wants to be accepted.

However, we child always lacked words and stamped my foot on the ground in the fret that did not have you share it, and it seemed to be the baby whom it fawned, and cried.

In the morning when I cried all night long, a weather satellite shows the earth going away.

I come to feel lost very.

However, when there were both you and me on this small blue star, I learned strange relief.

A person and a beast and a bird and a fish are the friends whom there is on the valuable earth without this substitute even if they leave it no matter how distantly.

Loneliness is the delusion that oneself brought about.
Because because we are surrounded for so a lot of benefits and live.
But it is very difficult I join by a hand, and to exchange words.

What we understand is impossible, and we are near so that there is it so near.

It is sad and wishes that we want to remain in childhood and refuses that I mature into an adult.

Though we are the evidence that became an adult, from the moment when I refused adults, I am not going to recognize it.

I feel loneliness for the freedom that I obtained and look for somebody who can always rely.

And I mistake love for dependence, and we are hurt still more deeply.
The most far-off place is the Utopia that we picture in one's heart in the world.

It is heaven convenient for oneself whom there is not in the world.

I look for heaven that there cannot be, and we live desperately and die.

The life is repetition of empty skidding.

I am going to make search for, a place to die even if I understand that I am so whether it is request, where that can be relieved whether we are pleasant whom.

In search of something which there is not, we never give it up and repeat transmigration.

It is life circulation ignominious beautifully.
It is the spell that it was given from God, and it is a blessing.

The fate that it is not escaped will fight as hard as possible.
I struggle desperately and will resist you.

I will resist oneself who seem to give it up who cries even to whom.
With that alone a meaning to live is enough.


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