Monday, March 27, 2006

Kiss you once again.

Your hand which I caught in the height of summer when I was dazzling was white and was flexible and has arrested my feeling adversely.

Among lively crowds, our love grew up secretly.

We poured all the passion that I controlled so far and loved.

Mind and body discussed each other's hearts without being afraid of the feeling that would be stained together.

The eyes that you were wet early in the morning of the summer when it rained saw me off.

You sent me out silently to demand nothing.

I retraced you who were admirable so as to be sad and hugged it and wanted to kiss once again.

We met again immediately.

I hesitated, and our heart did not have fear anymore, too.

The hot love did not cool down at all till an autumn sign approached.

We huddled up and walked the town which had begun to be deserted.
But we knew it.

There being a big dream granted only at a different place each other.

Its meaning our separation.

And most not being left in time needed together us.

Though I added to intensity to burn, as for the feeling such as the opened ground, the days when we cannot meet reality began.

Nothing said an ease and solace to us each other.

Probably I did not do the promise that would be broken either.

Our love was already a light before wind.

I drew you who passed each other accidentally on a way close, and I wanted to kiss once again.

You visited my room in a manly way to add an end to our love that had completely lost weight when a cold wintry wind raged.

The passion that declined recurred, but you decided parting.

You made cooking for the first time in my room.

It is totally the Last Supper.

I made a calm smile contrary to heart and declared that I did not regret this encounter.

You made a smile resolutely, too and toasted it in celebration of a start to each other's dreams at the same time to be separation.

When I persuaded oneself when this was the best measures, and I was able to open a glass, I noticed it when it was really in the last.

You wetted pants and said good-bye and left my room in a resolute manner.

I saw you off over a window without I pretended to be tough, and going out of a room.

When some your backs which grew straight became forward bending and got in a car, you looked back towards me once.

Your delicate body and delicate features revived in my mind at a stretch.

I went out in pursuit of you without standing.

However, the car which you got into already went away, and only lukewarmness of an engine was left.

Dependence drew back, and, in exhaust gas, I remembered you.

I was beyond cure, but I wanted to already kiss you once again.


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