Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Keeping brightness.

I merely expect only 1 from you.

The dream that you draw should have only nothing.

You live for a selfish beck and call and, towards one only dream, want you to live without losing yourself.

You continue running toward the far far-off horizon.

Wind of dusk brushes your dirty cheeks in blood and sweat and sand kindly.

I want to suffer from the wind.

But I hug one dream, and flap in sky with the beginning on.
Do not shed tears for me by any means.

Do not lose brightness of eyes like a boy.

Let me keep the dream that you retain to eyes.

I support you, and protect it sometime; I do not see it; want to come to it-like.

I sometimes think.
What do you advance towards?
What can you prick so you with?

It is sure that there is not a purpose with me.
I do not mind even it.

Nobody can be hurt, and let me protect you who show one's wound nobody.

In sky which does not change from the beginning, I have a dream, and flap.

Do not fog up shining eyes given from the sky at a born moment.

I follow you so that I do not see it and wrap you up.

I watch it not to injure a wing of your dream.

I want to become a shadow I support you, and to protect.

It needs not to be noticed you.
Thanks from you are not necessary.
I want to merely protect you.

You may usually forget me.
But when it is hot, I remember me, and call him to come.
I rush to the place where you are anywhere anytime.

Even if you come across any kind of difficulty, I am going to never stop step.

With shining eyes like a boy, I stare at only the front and continue running.

Let me protect you.

I want to become love I support you, and to keep.

At this moment, I will promise to you now.

I am wind to protect you, and it is a shadow, and to continue being love itself.

I am dazzling and, with my eyes which have clouded over, cannot look you in the face.

But I always feel your sign.
And I watch you.

I will rush for you anywhere anytime.

It is the meaning that I live for.
Keeping brightness of your eyes.


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