Monday, April 03, 2006

Die out.

As for us, what will it be possible for to find the truth in this town which I am filled with only an article, and overflow?

All each other could be hurt and chose solitude and freedom.

However, I cannot bear weight of responsibility with freedom, and we cannot move.

I hear a love song such as crying.
The new world will jump out now.

It is tied up on a heavy chain to be free, and we cannot move even if we decide so it.

God, pick up the gentleness that anyone hides in the depths of a heart.

While everybody is at a loss here, I live.
I do not understand what I may believe.

I have forgotten how to drain tears all too soon.
Of course I have forgotten laughs all the time on old days.

We barely keep human relations with a forced smile and false tears in a town filled with deceptions.

A dream to the future when I talked with you in old days is unknown in a fiction and is not found anymore.

Will we die out?

An ill omen appears and disappears in many places and lets me frighten and makes you strong.

I join by a hand with you now and leave this town and have a feeling that it is really possible for way of life.

A star looks up at an invisible night sky, too, and you tempt me forth.

I do not have courage and cannot move hesitatingly after all.

A feeling of extinction to hide behind in my heart lets all expectation become obsolete.

We surely turned to the degeneration after evolution.

Therefore is sad without a reason, and, however, is genuine; do not cry.

We do not have courage to laugh off extinction.

I am by the side unwillingly without you being got rid of with such me who am slovenly.

Time abandoned by you will be a moment of my death.

It is paradise here.

I do all, and nothing does not have to wrestle seriously.

Daily life is over if I waste all just time and thing.

Anyone needs to have a sense of guilt even if I suppress a domestic animal and farm products.

It is very carefree paradise here.
It is paradise got rid of by God.

While everybody notices the fact, I waste a thing and time with a bare unconcerned air.

If you join by a hand with me, the place is paradise for me.
I do not mind to be where.

At the moment when the world is over, you and I will strongly hug it in this way.

Our blood opens like a flower on the dead earth and will attach last Aya to paradise.

A song of prayer such as crying may pray for the extinction.

I will accept extinction with pleasure if same as you.

It is paradise got rid of here.
It is the paradise which only our blood colors.

But it is pure white paradise.


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