Saturday, April 01, 2006

Your cast-off shell.

When I wake every morning, in a bed, your cast-off shell lies next to me.

A back of you who were warm when I hug it is always cold.

I prayed, and we could be crowded with a beach who went well together and looked up at a night sky.

Wish that it be together forever.

But the shooting star has disappeared before finishing saying a wish.

In my still remembering your manual temperature that I joined together at that time.

A tearful face and the smile that you showed are not still separated from my eyelids.

Do not I remember your thing someday?
Even if there is not you, do you get possible to laugh unconcernedly?
It is unpleasant.
I want to be tormented all the time by your afterimage if I forget you.

I love you.
I want to continue crying many times at the world center.

Even if a season changes to me irrelatively, and row of houses along a city street changes, my heart does not change.

Even if everybody forgets you, only I alone remembers you every day.

Even if the whole world falls leaving I alone and left, as for me, there should be even your memory.

It is only it closes both eyes to have on me who am powerless, and to imagine you.

It is only to feel all of you to my whole body.

In my memory, you are always cheerful well and I laugh and cry and am busy.

It was you that taught me cries and a laugh.
I hug your cast-off shell today, and I cry as I was taught it by you.

And I leave your afterimage in a house and go for work and show it laughingly.

I always demand you for a heart and mimic you by appearance, and I am always with you.

I continue appealing for your reputation aloud from an island drawn on the center in this country.

I continue insisting that I loved you.

Even if you forget me and are rebeared, only I alone continues loving you who are in a memory now.


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