Sunday, May 21, 2006

rLove of eternity.

I looked for you and, from far-off old days to today, repeated transmigration.

Lovers look in a mysterious mirror to sometimes project fate on.

Therefore we continue a reincarnation trip to realize the scene which I watched.

Lovers come across you by all means somewhere in the times when they do not yet know each other.

Our love does a trip endlessly a typhoon to rage carries butterflies, and to join it together.

It was carried to some same place at a certain time and should have met us.
However, I repeat a wound, the same mistake by a look-ahead by fate, and we can be hurt with each other and part.

We sail up time to sail up a torrent toward the river where a fish was born and will make sure of each other for each other.

We exceed time and wander in space and do a trip in search of love.

I repeat transmigration so that all life is concluded.

I take in strength of your arm in the tears which occasionally overflow and soak myself in DE JA VU.

I throw away the present and I force it whether it is that mind why we came across first and want to come back to a place.

Everybody dies, and both I and you will part again this time.

It is an opening and a promise of a reencounter.

We will come across a partner of fate by all means.

Even if you overlook me, I will find you out.

Because I continued purging you from a far-off past, I find you by all means this time and show it.

Therefore you live without dying till I am found by me, and wait for me.

To let love of eternity grow sometime.


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