Sunday, May 21, 2006

By joining by hands.

Where will I be at the tomorrow's this time?
Whom will there be you with at this time of the day after tomorrow?
Will we become separated at this time of the next year?

Do you think about such a thing, too?

I grasp your hand so that your heart and my heart do not pass each other.

Even if a blue sky reflected in your mesh is stained with gray of sorrow, I remember the days when I please laughed with me to you and want you to regain a smile.

Though it is me that take out you who look down when I am disappointed in a trifle, it is me that is saved your tears whenever it can stop.

I do not sometimes understand which cheers up which.
However, it is sure that you are very important for me.

When you stop tears and show a smile, I am encouraged very much.

I am dazzling, and the brightness lets you darken me in the way that I perform it somewhere you cross a rainbow at the same time, and to get a dream.

You are me sometime; do forget it for the moment?

Can I wave good-bye and a hand to you laughingly at the time?

Do you who laugh in the next to me think about such a thing in the same way as me now?

I strongly grasp your hand before repeating the heart that seems to leave it by force.

Even if there are all the creatures with anyone, in fact, I am lonely.

All anyone cannot but get over genuine pains and sorrow with oneself alone.

However, when you bite a lip and bear tears, I want you to remember pleasure when you please joked with me.

It is only for it to be it to a clown now that I am done you of to stop your future tears.

When you are too hot only for a memory, you should call me anytime.

I rush to the place where you are by a one call and look up at the sky together till your tears dry.

As for the tears and the pain, the future surely lives; will help it.

I play a clown hard to have you remember it.
I sing a song of delight only for you.
I have a feeling that you leave it, and my true intention wants to burst into tears.
I part with a dream having now, and do we forget it sometime?

We will stare at each other in the future from reality side, and may we who became another person be correct quite now?

What can I of the real face speak for you if I stop a swing of a clown?

Though I think in various ways, I cannot do it for nothing words.

I will strongly hold your handle in reality at least before our love to differ fails.

Our heart may be connected by joining by hands if I lend it.

Such a thing gives prayer to me towards a blue sky so that people in the world connect a hand and a hand with reality if possible.


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