Sunday, May 21, 2006

Not to be sorry.

Though there is not a reason, innumberable numerical tears overflow.
Teach me the reason.

I repeat a question without an answer as ever and wander in the world.
I blame oneself without a reason at the night that is loneliness almost tonight.

If my sorrow, hatred, loneliness fade and will disappear if you are in the neighbor, you are in the place where my hand does not reach.

A star loads an invisible night sky with the wish that I can say nobody and prays.

I strongly pray so that my heart does a severe earthquake.
Please meet you tomorrow.

If I was able to meet you this time, I grasp your hand firmly and never take my eyes off it.

I am kind, and I wrap up your small hand which I have separated from oneself at that time this time.

I promise not to make you sad anymore.
I brought myself to have possibilities to believe that love with you and me was immortal before.

I did not think that you were separated from me.
When that love was eternity, I nursed delusions.

When the thing which did not change led to nothing nothing Ino only among us all the time as it is, I mistook it, and I who was arrogant was able to be hurt with you.

However, I loved you seriously all the time.
I misunderstood it when I always hugged all of you carefully.
I become weak now in the way that my heart demands you and is broken.

If you push me, surely my heart breaks into a particle and will be scattered.
It is scary, and please hug me who shake a finger-tip.
If there is not it, it is not possible to make a heart of me who became fragile strong with you.

I call your name aloud in a pitch-black night sky and continue crying.
I continue crying intensely so that both a throat and the sky burst.
At last I understood it.
I need nothing besides you.
I put apology and thanks, and I appeal for your reputation.
Please meet it.
Do not refuse me.
There be it near me.
Because I am not sorry and promise this time unless I let you be sorry, let me do it once again.

Do not you have regrets to demand me from a fragment in the same way?
If love to me is left in you a little, meet my cry to cause you.
Rush if I can do it.
I am depressed by sense of regret so as not to be able to move, and it is crushed by loneliness.

It is only world you alone that I can save such me who am wretched.
Please call my name once again.
Grasp the hand which please scratches my sky.
And as for this time of regret will live by together so that there is not it.

I never do such regret and do not let you do it.
My thought to love you piles up every day.
Though I made an effort to forget you, I was useless.
All of my five senses memorizes you.
Regret raises only the same weight.

You, meet my appeal once again across a night sky.
If you demand me, I drag broken hands and feet and will rush to your bottom.
And I hug you.

It is hard, and I hug you so that we never leave it not to let you be sorry not to be sorry this time.


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