Sunday, May 21, 2006

When it is the future.

I understood it.
Though I laughed, as for you, your true intention oozed out from words over a telephone this morning.

It was a parting notice.
You are tender so as not to be able to show a true feeling in a mouth.
But the gentleness is cruel adversely.
Because regrets to you increase.

Though both you and I know, in fact, how all the first can find happiness, I love so as not to be able to practice it.

I am not thin so as I easily delete this love, and to be able to put it away.
As for you, it was not told me that tonight was our Last Supper after all.
Because I understand it well, you need to say anything.
Let's part neatly in the last.

Even if it is the future and remembers tonight, I do not cry, and let's part neatly.
Therefore I behave same as usual times and will not be said to be the last by tonight.
I dissolve hair according to when the and wait for you.

You visit my room in usual time, and let's go to a usual cafe.
And I pretend to know nothing and will play.
I will joke foolishly very innocently.

I will play a lot so as it is the future and remembers today, and to be able to laugh.
I murmur that good-bye to you alone so that you do not hear it.

And it is the arrival of the Last Supper.

Let's drink wine to always order at a favorite restaurant.
I want you to see me to my room to always go without saying anything.
Though I prepare, I wish that that signal do not become blue as it is on one's way back.

I am just two of us, and you and I want to cease to breathe in this car at a red light all the time as it is.

A usual way carries us to a parting spot cruelly.
And you did not say really a single word good-bye and I left me and ran off by car.

I who was left left for you whom parting was hit with being stupid and I was small carefully and prayed.

In my true intention being more ignominious.
You cause an accident on the way and think my true intention to be able to never meet that woman.

However, this ending feels best.

Because if there is it together as it is, we can be surely hurt each other and curse it and will hate each other.

I try to live alone from tomorrow.
I will cry with all one's might tonight.

When it is the future and remembers loneliness tonight, encourage oneself.


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