Sunday, May 21, 2006

The best method.

A sound of wind seems to do not seem to stop tonight.

Such an uproar forces it, and my heart is disturbed at night and thinks about an unnecessary matter in a bed.

Only I alone is got rid of all over the world and feels like having you forgive it nobody.

I am troubled whether it was an ill omen whether the telephone which I had a call from you before one hour was a good omen.

Because because you have hung up only by a word having been said to "be alright."
You were going to say what?

Your word is mixed in a sound of wind and feels ominous.

Though I did not look, in a telescreen left on, somebody took a gun.

I was worried a little whom he pointed the gun to or whether I turned it to himself.

Thanks to you, it became even more depressed, and I gave volume of television.

Then I heard an even-like sound greatly, and more we became depressed.

You and I deceived you each other and avoided it and kept relations until today.

We replaced a lie with love and deceived it.
It may be to be the time when you should already follow an end.

More than this, I do not want to deceive you and do not want to forgive your lie.

A sound of wind is intense, and I cannot hear the lines that a speaker speaks.
But, in far-off one, a shot sounded.
The shot was scathing to break through our relations.

We are bound by a lie and love and cannot move.

I totally have handcuffs of a toy on oneself by oneself in a childhood and am funny almost the time when it does not come off and burst into tears.

I was going to break handcuffs and I injured both hands neck and cried.

I learn sense of incongruity whenever I ask it whether you love it to me.

A woman seems to want to check love in words and a thing.

A man believes that it is proof of silence love.

Therefore our feeling differs and leaves it and is just before failure now.

I must decide till new day breaks.
It is sure that I call you.

A problem is contents asking you.

I pretend ignorance, and should I induce you to a date?
Or should I ask you about a continuance of a telephone of an evening obstinately?
Like a thin roadside tree, my heart swings.

The reason why a sound of wind hurts feelings is that I express my hesitation.
I heard a shot once again.
A woman is dead in a telescreen.

A sound of wind adds to intensity, and it is totally a requiem.

Just after a shot in television, I heard a sound relation between us broke, and to be scattered.

A chief character of a drama followed a woman and pointed the muzzle to oneself.
I turned off television without it being born.

Because because a drama draws our reality to be similar precisely cruelly.

The relation between us seems to have been over before new day broke.

Probably it will be good-bye that you wanted to say over a telephone of an evening.

I had handcuffs on oneself by oneself in a dream and put the muzzle on the temple and pulled a trigger.

Thus it is good.

I will murder oneself before murdering you.
It is the best method.

Only it saves you, and it is an only method it releases it, and to be able to do.


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