Sunday, May 21, 2006

rWild energy.

Wild energy rises in my body and overflows.
I let the hot blood streaming down a blood vessel boil, and I will stand up now.
I do not merely wait for a miracle and will stand up with one's foot to cause a miracle by oneself.
Because you told you that I was not lonely, courage welled up.

Even if conventional I did anything, I took it, and it was left behind even if I do say so myself without can follow circumference surprisingly.

I threw out on the way by all means even if I found a thing to be able to be sometimes absorbed in.

I fell into self-hate at every it and beat oneself up by oneself.
I thought that thus I was good.
It gave me up generally.

I lost a maze of the life, and an exit stopped walking even if crowded without being found.

I looked at the moon which shined to seven colors and looked up at only the sky without anything doing it by oneself forever.

I believed that somewhere or a blue bird of happiness flew sometime, and I could open, and but I waited for a window.
Nothing happened.
I am much lonelier.

It was spread in a trifling bad-mouth, and I threw away a hometown.

It was expected from nobody all too soon, and I came to expect it nobody, too.

When the very thin life was over with flatness successively all the time, I became desperate.

At time of such momentum, you appeared suddenly in my close at hand.
My heart shook.
The blood of my bodies boiled and braced me up.

You taught me how to walk.
I was not lonely anymore and told you that there was not it as for the time of solitude since I was born.

I said that I should have lived as me.
Wild energy wells up to my body.

A heart pulsates powerfully and pushes me away before.
I walk to the direction that this wild nature shows.
Because there is you next to me now all the time though it is not entered together, I surely stand up and show it.

And I shut myself up and break through treasure and go out.
I understood that I was not lonely anymore.
I am afraid of nothing anymore.
Because I overcame the most fearful loneliness.


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