Sunday, May 21, 2006

The cold flame.

My heart completely dried, and a small chap has begun to enter.

Broken-hearted we met you in last summer and healed a wound of a heart each other.

We cling to the love that seems to fade away now
and I disobey it in a season we change, and to go and agree with the sun in the height of summer and keep temperature a heart each other,
and we are deeply in love.

When I strongly hug you, you are thin in the way that you compromise.

Am I the cause that I let you get thinner that much?
Because you answer nothing, my heart is disturbed.

You get rid of me who am slovenly and are going to flap.
I do not have art to leave you as.

You tell it about the past, and I talk about the present.

While I talked many times, I knew a pain to be informed of and hotness to tell it about a lot.

We abandon a title whenever over such night and become a nameless just man and woman.

I begin to be at a loss by the future if I forgive your past.

Even if our heart leaves it even if words break off, there will be it with you now.

I want to watch your eyes.
I want to kiss to your raven-black hair.

The greed that I cannot finish hiding overflows ceaselessly.

I hesitate whether I expect more than this whether I am good as it is and cannot control oneself.

Though love does not have form, I demand it whether form is a certain what.

It is calm that I am hurt, but hates injuring you.

The night when I cannot sleep continues so that it is attracted by you.

I want to touch you right now.
I feel your sign when.

Among crowds of a town of noon, I am seized with the impulse that wants to appeal for your reputation aloud.

My passion for you of me continue being deeply in love.

I am burnt till I run out of energy and will fester.
By the cold flame which you emit,
I will cleanse my crime.


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