Sunday, May 21, 2006

Parting time came.

Parting time came.
A reason to be divided please hear anything.

Please run towards the future without turning around.
In fact, I was afraid of that this day came.
My love to you does not touch you anymore tomorrow.

Though I hold you in my chest in this way and want to protect you from all evils, it is the dream that I do not have realized.

Because the reason is because you cut off a past chain entirely, and it is wounded all over, and it has begun to walk without I am tied up in the past, and can move from here.

I who was bound with a spell do not have art detaining you.

Both carried a permissible thing and the thing that were not forgiven because of youth on their back because of youth and chose a steep way daringly.

It is only to pray that I murmur that good-bye with good luck many them that I am worked as by you.

However, I will say that you are uneventfulness-free.

You suffer hardship in angry waves and take pains and are hurt and will go through one's faith.

I am attracted by recklessness of such you and love you and part with you.

With all warrior's destiny and love and grief, as for sending it to you, good-bye a word.


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