Sunday, May 21, 2006

rThe mother earth.

Beast, bird, fish, insect and human being, all of us are brothers born on the mother earth.

Though I was completely discriminated by the present age, and it was distinguished and had got separated, all of us were born in the great sea and were brought up in the hill where a lotus flower bloomed.

In hope of the happiness that each all balanced with each, I stared at the setting sun all together and gave prayer to the earth by each words.

However, we are going to protect only an article visible gradually and are about to forget mercy of the earth which is mother.

Because I noticed the ingratitude now, I return tonight in the ancient times and I thank for the earth in that hill while smelling a smell of soil and will sleep.

I will sail up a river of the life.
Roots of sorrow may be found if I do so it.

I will continue walking to meet the person whom only alone should love whom there is somewhere of this star without still crying now.

We completely believe human supremacy principles handed down and set in a marsh of arrogance and soak myself in tepid water of the laziness.

A boundary line pulled between families crushes a heart of the creatures which were one once like a fragment of a puzzle at all deeply than I thought.

I will think about starlit sky.

I will let you go up a heart high in the sky to be able to look around it far and widest.

I will look around the distance so that it is shared a pain of pleasant somebody who is in an end of this star more.

I will walk forever so that it is felt warmth of most beloved somebody whom there is surely somewhere of this star.

Therefore I do not yet cry.
You do not cry, too.

Because the sun which is the root of life rises to your country by all means, do not throw away hope.

I will let a downright flower bloom on this way which I walked while being bleeding last.

Though I agree at the same sometimes same place, and all nobody cannot love a thing in the same way, I return sometime in the ancient times and will continue walking the setting sun together so that it is given view prayer without still crying now.

I surely visit you on that day.
I believe so it and will sail up a river of this life.


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