Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nothing excuse to me.

I am not going to hear a single word that you say.
You do not do a nothing excuse to me.

You threw away all which we built wonderfully and obtained love as somebody and you who were tender only for a pretense expected it.

I become a lie if I say that I do not yearn for you.
However, I do not chase you.
The reason is because I understand that I can never catch up with it.

I see you off without any art.

If it is tomorrow, I talk about today to a friend as the yesterday's thing as there was nothing and repeat a glass to be able to hold it to get drunk.

Collapse with you will be noticed nobody.
A heart to be frightened by of loneliness shows it nobody.
Thus it is good.

Because even if no matter how much all are to freezing with a no matter how beloved person in the situation inside, all the human beings are lonely at a bottom of a heart.

However, mind seems to be out of order unless you bury the hole which there was able to be on my chest by some means or other.

Tell me it.

Everybody keeps on bearing this loneliness how?

Anyone would experience a serious wound of lost love once.

Though this collapse was not the first time, even I did not feel sad so much either.

My heart was filled up for emptiness to exceed a pain.

Therefore will the swing that had nothing be possible?
I do it in this way, and will all become strong?
Is it to become an adult?

If I deceive oneself and another person, and, however, only you know the truth and fit it to an adult if you bear such miserable situation, I am good as a child eternally.

As for the time, I am cruel.
Both I and you get old irresistibly.

I give it off to an old man even if I wish that there want to be the authority of りだ, me as a child no matter how much.

I become an old man by all means even if I do not become an adult.
Therefore I will take this reality.

I stop imagining the excuse that you did not say in self-centeredness, and you will thank the mercy that nothing said to.

I will be ashamed of littleness as the human being that I was going to hear nothing.

One did not abandon the other and will believe that I left it naturally each other.

When this separation is an opening of a new encounter, I will have hope.

The devil whispers it at my ear which is going to recover itself desperately.

It will be what a mutable reality that "an encounter is a parting opening, but parting does not promise an encounter".

That is why the human being would create liquor.
It will be what merciful truth.

Though truly I do not always accord with reality, it can be it to the lonely human being whom only a person swimming in both interval well can call with a winner.

If swimming is clumsy, it is a venturer eternally.

I will continue having an adventure till I die.
I do not look for you anymore.

There will be it with a free challenger freed from you.
It is to begin with tomorrow entirely.

I cry with bad grace miserably with all one's might today and will spend it.
I yearn for you.


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