Sunday, May 21, 2006

pSo once again.

There wanted to be always me with you.
I wanted to laugh in the next to you.

However, it is the other people whom there is not with me now that laugh in the next to you.

It cannot move to turn constant in a season with only my having stopped.
Whenever I am good and come to this park which I visited with you though I was in my right side without you with the intention why I was used a little, I will cry so much why.

If it is the love that does not come true anymore, it is only courage to forget you that was left for me.

I still remember it.

Even as for the scenery seen in your favorite phrase, your gesture and the other side of your shoulder.

Our memory that was in high spirits in a trifle wins through up to my heart irrelatively in a season and revives vividly.

You and I snuggle up and, in the photograph which I photographed at dusk of the spring when we met you, are bashful bashfully.

But I could not help being already glad only by a photograph coming out with you.

As for us, expectation did not assume that such a separation came in those days.

I did not blink, and I stared at you of a moment to part and was able to be stuck to eyelids.

Though it was settled separation, I watched only you without I still yearned for you, and watching reality.

I still yearn for you and cannot delete your number from a mobile telephone.
I look at an initial column of your name many times.

My finger remembers your phone number that I should have forgotten in a head.
Because I may come to hear nothing else, only your voice wants to listen, and I can never part with a mobile telephone.

Have a feeling that I seem to have a wrong phone call from you if I lend it.
So once again.

If I think about such a thing and sleep, I wake up for the touch that tears get cheeks wet.

Your back figure who wore a black jacket snuggled up with few somebody with me and, in a dream, went away.

You pass out of sight, and at last I return to reality and invite the morning when relief and despair mingle.

You disappeared from my side extremely naturally so that a bird returned to a forest so that the sun set in the west.

As for the no matter how small no matter how small memory of me when take it, is a treasure, and is the cruel memory that does not want to remember at the same time.

However, I can see only you whenever I watch machete in a dream.


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