Saturday, June 17, 2006

rAcross a thousand miles.

They are very dazzling and are seen to me from the moment when you met me it is the sky where I should have got used to, and to be the sea which I should have been tired of seeing.

When I measured weight of a heart of the partner whenever I met somebody, former I compared it with other somebody and prioritized it.

It is the days that are stupidity to meet you just before that.
You will laugh at such me.
And you would forgive such me.

I hug happiness for 1st quietly alone at night today.
I do not want to forget the love that you gave to me even in a piece.

Can you see my love even if you leave it?
Even if there is it so near, do not you hear my nursing song?

I cannot choose way of life making an effort for you from the day when I met you.

Even if it is winter in autumn in the summer in spring.
Even if even if it is noon even if it is hemp, I meet in a dream at night.

I never lose sight of you.
As for me, you are where and find you by all means.
If you call it, I rush across a thousand miles.

I engage you for wind so that my love please touches you.
I ask a star so that my love please reaches you.
I pray to God so that my love please leads to you.

Please please take my love.


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