Friday, June 02, 2006

rIn the middle of a dream.

"Good-bye", not words to use at time of separation,
it is a far-off promise to meet you again.

Even if I grieve over the present and I arrive about now and am deeply worried,
it is not over in the middle of a dream.

Though I want to embrace you how many hours in now and I wrap it and want to warm your cold cheeks with my both hands,
the sentiment is only the dream that, in addition, is shallow.

A city is filled with business to turn to tick away a second.

Even love is tied up with barbed wire in this town,
and it is hardened with concrete and I die and I am cold and lie.

If you were tired from love to come across you after this,
I come back to me anytime, and come.

You change the men who loved it in the past into a memory and I strongly live flexibly, but am good.

I wait on for you quietly in a corner of this town till it is remembered by you.

Put me down small even in a corner of your chest.

You pack hope and a saying heavy load into the white suitcase which is your only load full and I lift it lightly and walk breezily.

You leave a smile to me and leave.

You change the men who surely loved it into strength and brightness and will remember me incidentally sometime.

Therefore please put me down small in a corner of a heart.

Because I am bound by contamination of this town and cannot move, I watch your shining back all the time here.

You survive this severe, messy society with being pure white.

I who have finished being stained do not have power to detain you.

Therefore I watch you all the time and wait for you.

I fall down here as garbage of this town till it is remembered by you.


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